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I have been absent from writing this blog for nearly two years, which sometimes happens when one has an interest in starting a blog. This is a post I felt was worth writing down though. Some of the context might not be entirely clear to those who haven’t gone through an atmospheric science program or picked up some textbooks dealing with climate physics, so I will try to clear that up.

I will try to outline what I feel can be improved in practical instruction of the greenhouse effect, just based on some modification to a toy model that has already been employed in many classrooms and textbooks (some examples are Atmosphere, Ocean and, Climate Dynamics; Global Physical Climatology; Global Warming: Understanding the forecast, all great reads by the way). The framing here can be presented to an upper-undergraduate or graduate classroom, but the calculus can be stripped away for courses with minimal math requirements. Here, my focus is in making better contact with how the greenhouse effect actually works rather than going through algebraic exercises that yield numbers which don’t have any particular special meaning.


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